Where to Eat in Budapest

Spending 3-nights in the beautiful city of Budapest will work up an appetite! There’s so much to do, like taking in the thermal baths by day and night (SPArty, anyone?), the ruin pubs, and the walking tour starting in Pest and ending in Buda with beautiful views of the city. So where to eat?

I did some research prior to the trip, and quickly learned that Hungary can be quite the culinary experience! (Tip: I’ve learned that some of the best resources for researching a destination are blogs and vlogs.) If you’re unfamiliar with Hungarian cuisine, they have quite the array of specialities: goulash (soup with beef, vegetables, and paprika), làngos, strudels, and kürtőskalács (also known as “chimney cake”) just to name a few. They also have a strong passion for paprika, cabbage, pastries, and cafés. 😋

Here I am getting ready to try the traditional street food, làngos – deep fried flatbread served with sour cream, cheese, and garlic.


I don’t normally order a 3-course meal, but I heard so many great things about this restaurant and the menu options just looked too good not to! Rétesházalso known as the First Strudel House of Pest introduces you to a world of strudels you may not have known existed – from savory (salmon, meat, vegetables) to sweet (apple, raspberry, apricot). In fair form, my 3-course meal included a savory [poultry] strudel for the entrée/appetizer, traditional Hungarian goulash for the main dish, and apple strudel for dessert. Absolutely delicious! 

If you ever have the opportunity to visit Budapest, definitely check this place out. We went on a Saturday night, and it was busy so reserve in advance! The staff was very welcoming and attentive. The house wine (bottle was only 10€) and food were delicious, inexpensive, and despite eating a 3-course meal, the food was light and we were able to enjoy our Saturday night partying without feeling weighed down. 

*This restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

Spinoza Café

Spinoza Café offers an array of dishes, ranging from full breakfast offerings to lunch/dinner options such as goulash, goose liver, steak, and potatoes! Located in Pest’s Jewish quarter, I highly recommend Spinoza if you’re looking for authentic Hungarian dishes and drinks for a very affordable price. For instance, a friend of mine ordered a 3-course meal with champagne and wine pairings for each course for only 25€!

What makes this restaurant stand out is the exceptional service of the staff (I’m getting the feeling that great service is the norm here!). They are very attentive, polite, and offer recommendations not just on food, but on pálinka and wine pairings as well. Here’s a place you will feel completely taken care of! Again, the food here is very light so no matter what time of day you eat, or what you do after, you’ll walk away feeling very satisfied!

Tip: If you plan to eat dinner here, you will need to arrive early or make a reservation as it gets very busy!

*This restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  

Urban Betyár

On the last day, our flight was scheduled to depart back to Nice in the evening so we had the idea to check out of our hotel, grab lunch, and spend the rest of the day at the Gellért bathhouse.

We set out to Urban Betyár (“Urban Outlaw” in English) for lunch, located just next to St. Stephen’s Basilica. We walked in and were instantly taken aback by the modern design – big wooden railroad tracks lined along the bar, dining rooms with vintage suitcases along the ceiling, and bookshelves filled with books, glass, and Hungarian trinkets. We received a tour before our lunch and discovered that the restaurant includes a museum downstairs! The museum houses traditional Hungarian furniture and paintings dating back the last couple centuries.

After our tour, we settled back at our table and enjoyed some molecular champagne, foie gras, salmon, and filet mignon! The food here was tasty, the staff was beyond exceptional, and the ambiance just enchanting! It was a very good way to to end our food-filled weekend in Budapest.

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