Christmas Market in Nice: Village de Noël

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! 🎄

The start of December in Europe kicks off a month’s long tradition that is the Christmas Market. Even with the 16-degree (Celsius, for my American readers) weather we are enjoying in Nice, the Christmas spirit still shines through. If you’ve ever been to one of these markets, you’ll find local vendors selling handcrafted goods and regional treats. Whether you’re looking for Christmas ornaments, aromas, cakes, and sweets, you’re in the right place. This post is filled with photographs I took on a recent visit to our city’s market located in the Gardens of Albert the First and Place Massena.

The heart-shaped statue below can be found at one of the market entrances on the Promenade des Anglais:

As you enter the Christmas market, your eyes immediately spot the giant ferris wheel surrounded by vendor booths and children’s rides.

Walking through the market, it’s very difficult to get lost since all the booths are lined along the foot path. The path pictured below takes you to (and away from) the ferris wheel.

Grasse, France is world renowned for their perfumes. Renting out a booth at the Christmas market is a good way to offer gift ideas and even get new customers.

One of the booths you’re sure to find in a French market is a fromagerie. (Fromagerie is french for “cheese shop”.) I just love the red, blue, and green cheeses on display!

Which fromage would you try: tomato+olives, truffle, pesto+basil, or that lovely lavender in the back? Tip: you can try them all 😋

As you walk closer to the ferris wheel, and take the time to look up as I did, you’ll notice Santa and his reindeer atop one of the booths. Quite impressive how they are perched up there, almost as if they’re ready to take off and deliver gifts! 😉

If you have the chance, visit a market at night. The light shows will wow you.


This is a photograph I took of the ferris wheel and its reflection thanks to the fountain located just outside of the Christmas market.

Place Massena – Nice, France

A trip to the Nice Christmas Market wouldn’t be complete without churros + nutella! What’s great is that this is made to order. Just imagine biting into fresh, hot, crunchy churros on a cold night…

He couldn’t wait to eat the hot churros!

I hope you’ve enjoyed walking through the market with me. I haven’t been to many Christmas markets. Of the three I’ve went to in Nice, Grenoble, and Köln, Köln is by far my favorite. It is much grander, the mulled wine tastes better, and how can you say no to all the bratwursts and frites you can eat!

 If you have ever been to a market or few, which city was your favorite and why? If you want to go, where is your top choice? I’d love to hear from you!

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