About SWT

My name is Selam and I would like to welcome you to my site!

I’ve always had an urge to travel, a certain wanderlust, but never really thought about capturing the places I visited. But in 2014, my plans for travel photography began when I purchased my very first DSLR camera and prepared for the journey to come. I was born in the United States as the daughter to loving Ethiopians, but never had the opportunity to visit my ancestral lands. 

Lalibela, Ethiopia

And so, I set on an adventure to explore my ancestral homeland: Ethiopia. There I saw true beauty and captured unforgettable moments. My friends and family were delighted with the photographs and were curious to find out what I discovered. And that is how my travel photography journey began. I currently reside in France, where I continue my journey exploring the world’s vast landscapes & uncovering her unique history. 

SWTliving is a travel photography portfolio and blog where you will find the wonderful moments I capture, and enjoy the stories behind them. My photography portfolio and blog are free for your enjoyment. Keep up as I update and continue to share my story with you. For any curious souls, I would be delighted to answer questions about my travels or photos!

London, England