Lemon Festival in Menton: Fête du Citron

There is a great sense of pride you feel when the French speak of their country, from wine to making sure every weekend is spent outdoors enjoying the country’s beautiful landscape. When I first arrived in Nice, I was given lots of tips and suggestions for places to visit and things to do. 7 months later, and they’re still coming in!

A place I was recommended to visit was Menton, France and more specifically, its annual Fête du Citron, or Lemon Festival held in February. I remember asking, “a festival for lemons – how does this even work? What does someone do at this festival?” My friend explained to me that it’s an annual tradition where the city creates extravagant designs out of lemons and oranges. At that point, I did what most of you would probably do – I googled it, and my mind was blown!

So, a short backstory… The concept of La Fête du Citron came about in the late 1920s with it officially launching in 1935. Menton was Europe’s largest producer of citrus and the locals wanted a boost in Menton’s tourism. It was very common for people, including royalty to visit the Riveria during the winter months, hence why the festival occurs in February. Every year, the festival has a theme for the elaborate designs made from lemons & oranges, and for the month long celebration you can catch parades during the day, the Garden of Lights at night, and walk through the Biovès gardens to see all of the designs up close.

This year’s [2017] theme, marking the 84th anniversary, is Broadway! 😍

Wizard of Oz

Phantom of the Opera

Beauty and the Beast

The Sound of Music

Hunchback of Notre Dame

Lion King


Singing in the Rain


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